Are Shapeshifting Reptilian Humanoids Real?

reptillianDoes a race  of reptilian humanoids exist?

Are reptilian shape shifters living on this planet right now?

Those questions will probably make most people laugh out loud, but right now I’m not so sure.

You see, I saw a shapeshifter do a full shapeshift once, in real life.

I saw an apparent human male morph into a creature that looked almost exactly like the reptillian in the photo you see on the left.

Crazy, huh?

Or is it?

Folklore abounds about shapeshifting. The Frog Princess. Beauty and the Beast are old folktales with shapeshifting themes. TV shows like “V” and movies such as “THEY LIVE” portray shapeshifting reptilians. Even the Bible has themes of shapeshifting: the serpent in the Garden of Eden, and the demons driven out by Jesus into a herd of pigs. Shapeshifting is a concept present in every ancient and modern civilization.

So, the question raised about the existence of reptilian shapeshifters actually living on this planet seems to be a valid one.

I’ve also eye-witnessed a few other anomalies that could support reptilian-humanoids as fact.

I remember, I walked up behind my old dentist once, he turned around towards me and I could clearly see that V_Diana-call of his bottom teeth were pointy sharp. They looked like the teeth of a shark, or a piranha. It was totally freaky, but at the time I thought that maybe since he was a dentist he was working on his teeth, and maybe putting crowns on all of them or something. But really? ALL of his teeth were pointy and razor sharp looking. I can remember, it freaked me out when I saw those teeth.

And at the same dentist’s office, a woman who was working there one day and looked exactly like a woman I knew from 40 years earlier – but she hadn’t aged a day! I had seen this same woman on other occasions a few years earlier, still looking the same as 40 years prior, ageless.  I’ve read somewhere that reptilians don’t age like humans. Maybe it’s their shapeshifing ability that allows them to look as if they don’t age, or maybe it’s just that their “holograms” or human “costumes” don’t age. I don’t know how all that works.

Reptoid-cBut I’m not the only human in the world raising the question about the reptilian race. There are others. David Icke is a notable proponent of the existence of a reptilian race, although I’m not exactly sure whether he believes in the flesh and blood existence of the race. Much of Icke’s talk about reptilians seems to be of a more esoteric and spectral nature.

I’ve also eye-witnessed other reptilian anomalies, but for now I’ll leave you to ponder these youtube videos I found. The videos  purport  to prove the existence of reptilians.


Now You See It, Now You Don’t!

Isaiah Carey Reptilian Shapeshifter

The first video shows Fox news reporter Isaiah Carey accidentally flicking out his reptilian tongue . This video has not been doctored in any way, but it does show some zoom shots of the reptilian tongue flick. In real life reptilians may have a way of concealing their real reptilian tongue with a fake tongue. This may be uncomfortable for them, and Isaiah flies into a rage when it happens, and tries to conceal the accidental tongue flick by screaming something flew into his mouth. Watch closely. Now you see it, now you don’t:

Patrick MacNee Reptilian Shapeshifter

And here’s another video which purportedly shows English actor Patrick MacNee quickly flicking his reptilian tongue during a 1968 episode of The Avengers TV series. Yes, MacNee’s reptilian tongue looks very similar to Isaiah Carey’s.

Alex Jones Reptilian Shapeshifter

None other than Alex Jones may be a reptilian shapeshifter. In this video you can clearly see that Alex has two sets of teeth – a fake human looking set of teeth and a pointy reptillian set of teeth located behind the fake set. The video also purportedly shows Alex’s lizard tongue quickly flicking out.

Jimmy Johnson Reptilian Shapeshifter Eyes

This is showing Jimmy Johnson’s anomalous shapeshifting eyes during the superbowl. Apparently it can be hard for the Reptilians to consistently maintain their shapes, and anomalies in their appearances can occur for split seconds – only to be caught and analyzed on freeze-frame.





I don’t know. Reptilians may be real, and they may be a larger percentage of the planet’s population than I ever imagined. As crazy as it sounds, I eye witnessed a real-life full reptoid shapeshifting incident.

What do you think?

Top Comments for this post:
Its quite embarassing how far the truth is misunderstood. Reptilians do not physically shapeshift. They steer clear of any form …(4)
Have you read the book “The Long Walk” by Brain Castner. He was an IED technician in the Air …(4)
if you watch the slow motion you see the "bug" is coming out of his mouth not flying into it. (3)
I'm actually on the fence on these videos. But they are convincing, and I've personally witnessed some strange things that …(3)
The other day I took a picture of myself a (3)



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74 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    100% reptilian proof, omg alex jones too?

    • I’m actually on the fence on these videos. But they are convincing, and I’ve personally witnessed some strange things that point to the existence of reptilian humanoids. I’m open to any rational explanations for what I’ve seen.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, and let’s not forget George Soros. He’s like the head vampire of reptilians!

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t believe the Alex Jones one…that doesn’t look like much to me..

  2. langoliers langoliers says:

    The problem here is perception. We know that chemicals, drugs alter our perception. When someone claims to have seen a shapeshifter, do we have the right to doubt that person? Because we have never seen it, or because we have been taught, these things are science fiction, and do not happen? Would anyone have believed five years ago, the NSA would be spying on American and foreign citizens to such an extent?

    • I think most reasonably intelligent people could see that massive spying, and a massive excuse for it, was written on the wall sometime right after September 11, 2001. That’s 12 years ago.

      But back on topic, there were no chemicals or drugs involved before, during, or after the shapeshifting incident I witnessed. It happened when I was a around 10 years old. And thanks for not calling it crazy. That explains why more people don’t report these shapeshifter incidents, because they are afraid they will be called crackpots.

      I happened to find another youtube video that somebody put up that comes close to illustrating what I saw happen in a real life – a reptillian shapeshifter morphing. Although this video is poor quality and probably fake, here it is if your interested:


      • Anonymous says:

        U can tell this video is messed with wen the “face” goes back on

        • I think I remember, this video is from a a few years back. I remember reading that the TV station said the face glitch was due to signals getting crossed from an episode of Star Trek that was running at the same time as this broadcast, or something like that.

          Whatever it is, it is the closest video I’ve seen that matches what I saw happen in real-life. The color of the “reptilian” is the same, and even the face and eyes are close to what I remember. The ridges (scales?) were what stood out to me, they were more reptilian-like. I saw a lot more detail than the video shows. It morphed onto the guy’s head like in this video, and stayed there a for a minute, until after I left the room.

          I don’t expect anybody to believe I saw this happen, although it did. I don’t know what it was, I’ve thought often about it being a trick of some kind. Strange and unexplained.

          If what I saw wasn’t a trick, then all bets are off.

  3. Anonymous says:

    no alex that is not a human tung lol

  4. langoliers langoliers says:

    stop playing games. say it like it is.

  5. Anonymous says:

    hiss tung? looks like a lizard tung.

  6. Chewing Bubblegum says:

    OMG Could the woman in this video be a reptilian? This woman gets into a fight with a McDonald’s drive thru attendant, hisses at him repeatedly (non-human sounds), and screams about assuming her “ultimate form”. She is practically telling him she is a reptilian shape-shifter. Abnormal behavior for a human. Might be normal for a reptilian. Video from McD security cam.


    • meatbag says:

      this is weird. 43 second mark she says “i’m gonna eat your ***** face, i’m gonna digest it and spit it out into the **** gutter” you hear her screaming but her mouth is not moving. shapeshifter hologram failure confirmed. reptilians are finicky eaters and they like chicken nuggets.

    • Anonymous says:

      No comment

  7. Pharaoh says:

    Obama is a clone of ancient Egyptian king Akhenaten. The match checks. And Obama have alien reptile implanted in back of his head. It match the ancient Egyptian mural.


    • Anonymous says:

      well that explains the scars on his head. disturbing. creepy.

    • No this is just weird. It’s like a bad sci-fi movie.

      I might buy into the Obama Egyptian clone theory, it makes some sense because of the missing birth certificate and the resemblance of Obama to King Akhenaten. And Michelle Obama looks astoundingly like Akhenaten’s mother, Queen Tiye.

      But a control device on an alien reptile’s head that’s been implanted in Obama’s head? That is way too wacky for me. Impossible. Could the scars and the “face” on the back of his head be nothing more than a bad haircut, “artwork” carved into his hair by Obama’s sadistic barber? Whatever it is, it’s a classic case of pareidolia.

      • Anonymous says:

        obama is the clone of Akhenaten who had elongated skull. obama head scars left from the surgery to reduce elongated skull

  8. langoliers langoliers says:

    I’m not really paying so much attention to this thread, I’m not sure UFOs are my problem right now. but I dig the new frontpage alien pictures. They remind me of my gangstalkers, maybe on a day they’re not wearing makeup.

  9. JB Smith says:

    Have you read the book “The Long Walk” by Brain Castner. He was an IED technician in the Air Force. He suffers from traumatic brain injury. He describes ambiguous pains, feelings of a heart attack, twitching, gurgling in his stomach, nightmares, day mares and the “crazy” feeling. I have never been to war, but I have all those symptoms. I was implanted with a biochip without my knowledge and consent. You can see it under my skin. In Safeguards in a World of Ambient Intelligence on page 9 it says that law enforcement would have you believe we are not safe unless they know where we are and what we are doing at all times and what we are “thinking”. I believe the suicides and ptsd are attributable to this biochip. I have a case in the Supreme Court and if I win, I will do my best to get these chips off of all of our veterans. I pray for them every day. The national institute of justice talks about tazing people into “excited delirium” to make them act in ways they wouldn’t. I believe state police to be responsible for all these shooting. I would love to know how many of the shooters were implanted with the biochip. It is torture and it has been ongoing for years. They are the true criminals.

  10. unknowx says:

    well in the first video of the reporter that was a bug that flew into his mouth

  11. kathleen says:

    The other day I took a picture of myself a

  12. Anonymous says:

    Ever since Azhala was killed, they are in hiding, wating for the right moment

  13. Anonymous says:

    none of your evidence stands up .. the correction is even visible within it .. do better

  14. langoliers langoliers says:

    The reptilians story got the most views, I think, not sure.

  15. Anonymous says:

    reptilian shapesHiftEr’s are not reaL. StoP meddling where you shouldn’t be.

  16. langoliers langoliers says:

    To believe or not to believe.

  17. bolaris says:

    Its quite embarassing how far the truth is misunderstood. Reptilians do not physically shapeshift. They steer clear of any form of camera and are very dirscreet in nature. Humans have a unique “switch” inbuilt into our dna, a weakness through genetic changes, that allows a visual trickery to be perceived. It is purelly a projection that our minds receive. It is definatelly not physical, but purely mental. This can not be done through cameras or video which is why you will never see a reptilian near any location where cameras are around. Something that now with the advent of mobile cameras is becoming VERY hard for them to avoid.

    • What I saw was a transformation – human to reptilian (or something looking like a dark reptilian). Whether what I saw was in my mind’s eye, a projection, or a physical transformation, I can’t say. But it looked real to me. You say that cameras can’t pick up the reptilian projection, yet in the same breath you say that reptilians avoid cameras at all costs – doesn’t make sense. Also, I have seen some very strange artifacts in images and videos attesting to show reptilian transformations. And I’ve witnessed some other anomalies that suggest a real physical component of some kind does indeed exist.

      • bolaris says:

        I can guarantee you that you will never see a real reptilian in another state through a camera other than its its real form – reptilian. No half human and no transition in any from. Your naked eye can see transitions both ways as it is the projection in your mind that is being manipulated. I do believe that you may have seen with your own eyes but not through a camera. Let it be understood that someone who is expecting to see a reptilian, whom knows the being in its real state will not be easily tricked through this projection.

  18. bolaris says:

    They avoid cameras because they can not project the mental trickery towards a camera. I can understand how my wording may have confused you.

    • bolaris says:

      A little reading material for those of you whom would like clarify their understanding. I recommend you look up “the lacerta files”. Your answers will be in those documents. Peace…

      • I read some of “The Lacerta Files“. It’s a good read, but I’m skeptical that it’s a real interview with “a non-human and reptilian being”. I don’t think “The Lacerta Files” is what it claims to be. Some of those pictures look similar to what I saw, like the image below, but I really don’t know what these “reptilians” are. It’s okay to say you don’t know. An article at alternativerealities.org claims to have debunked “The Lacerta Files”. I think he’s probably right. Peace.

        • bolaris says:

          Go with your instincts. That ‘debunked’ article just struggles to find ground on the origins of the document. There are hints in the lacerta files that shine light on the truth. One example is the smooth tunnel walls and the warm air coming out of them. Apparently 2 hikers on quad bikes stumbbled across this phenomenon when they accidentally drove through a wall by mistake. Or should I say a camouflaged entrance…do your own research..find this article, this is your next task. I never believed in reptilians it just seemed laughable until not too long ago. Each of us must realise the truth on our own, not by anothers opinion. You know what you saw. I know what you saw…lets leave it at that.

          • I think I’ve already mentioned that this happened when I was young, before I ever heard of reptilian shapeshifting humanoids. How would YOU feel if you saw one? Scared? Like your going insane? Like you can’t trust your own senses? So you can understand I don’t like to think about it. But I was feeling my oats one day and had the guts to write about it here, knowing how crazy it sounds.

            The reptilian I saw didn’t give me an interview (open invitation if he ever decides to). But, I feel like a marked man because I saw it…..so lets leave it at that.

            [Addendum: after reading Lacerta File II I’m giving it a “possibly authentic”, based on a couple of personal “clues” I found in it.]

  19. gangstalked gangstalked says:

    Reptilian shapeshifters, despite David Icke’s claims and the large audience who wants to believe them, are not real. I haven’t paid much attention to David Icke, but it is possible that he is talking in an allegorical sense about very powerful and evil people who rule the world according to some conspiracy theories. The description seems to fit a lot of politicians these days—they are continually “shapeshifting” their policies and positions on issues, and they lie like that reptile in the Garden of Eden.

  20. Anonymous says:

    4% or 12 million Americans believe lizard people run the USA. But nearly 30% believe Aliens exist, and 30% believe there is a New World Order conspiracy .

    50% believe JFK was killed by a conspiracy.

    There were no questions concerning gangstalking in the poll.

    From Public Policy Polling: “Do you believe that shape-shifting reptilian people control our world by taking on human form and gaining political power to manipulate our societies, or not?”

    Do 4%
    Do not 88%
    Not sure 7%

  21. ampleforth ampleforth says:

    MILAB all the way. They have plenty of trickery. Making abductees believe they saw a reptilian or alien.

  22. Anonymous says:

    You people waste your time in finding out shit like this. For once have you ever thought that if man has a reptile tongue, he will never be able to talk.

  23. Anonymous says:

    All you “none ” believer’s better wake up and realize you have been and are still being brainwashed by a higher power!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone else been seeing bright multicoloured lights in the northern night sky. I’ve been seeing them now off and on for almost 18 months. At first glance they just look like bright stars but sometimes they move radically in all directions. I’m viewing from midwestern Canada.

    • UFO Guy says:

      I’ve been seeing what must be dozens of drones in the night sky. Bright multi-colored lights forming shapes and trails. Not sure what they are, I’m thinking drones, but why would there be dozens of them in the same area?

      • Anonymous says:

        I know! It seems like they appear in the same general area almost every night. I’ve noticed some that don’t appear until early morning hours and those ones seem to be the most active in movement and intense in colour.

  25. Anonymous says:

    UFO’S in star disguize again! Western Canada. They are getting pretty easy to see lately!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Shapeshifter’s real or not??? Please reply Y for YES or N for NO !!!

  27. me says:

    i saw a reptilian tongue come out of a human with no teeth trying to talk, more than 3 times. icke says reptlians can re-animate even a dead body, and can take a soul and put it in a box, taking your body for themselves. this shapeshifter can say i love you,
    but, in the next breath tries to extort and call you names, when you don’t submit to it. i cannot get this creature out of my mind. i’m staying away from this! i gotta get it out of my mind.. i do not do drugs. and i am not imaging things. i saw what i saw. and i really do believe it exists. they stew humans in broth that they absorb through their skin as a food source and like nuclear waste. they blood suck. read the reality of the serpent race and the subterranean origin of ufo’s by commander x with branton and the dulce wars: underground alien bases and battle for the planet earth. and the book by cisco wheeler and fritz spingmeier, “how the illuminati create an undetectable total mind controlled slave!!!!!!” i truely feel they work and live amongst us in high positions and in the medical,aeronautics, and other fields. these books will scare the hell out of anyone! or open your eyes! they are here to take over the world. until then they are not satisfied. it’s the high breds that can disguise as humans. but yes, it can’t always disguise itself. we are their food, and fuel source. it had a smell. at first thought it was like onions, but later like sulfur. i gave it deodorant that worked for a while. it didn’t like to bathe. it ate my food, but then threw it up in the bathroom. when my back was turned. it said it was “god”.
    to me that means the ruler of life and death.
    it scared me. the real god almighty doesn’t frighten me for i am not without sin but i am not reptilian and believe in ever-lasting life.

  28. langoliers langoliers says:

    The only monsters are people.

  29. i was a kid says:

    i was a kid when one of them put a big silver metal implant inside my right nose at swimming pool. he made me forget. but i remember. i get sinus infections if the implate is turned on. i think it old desine.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Us Humans need to pay more attention and raise our awareness,due to allowing rich scientists to clone and manipulate we’re opening our selves up to lower vibrations,DNA is so important just as important as imagination.Apparently Reptilians are being removed from planet earth as we speak how ever man kind still needs to learn to stop with Service to self otherwise will be just going around and around in circles.
    Kia ora koutou.

    • no-spam no-spam says:

      Interesting, you say “Apparently Reptilians are being removed from planet earth as we speak”, and Mufon now reports UFO sighting reports were down 30 percent in November 2014. Reptilians are said to be connected with a percentage of UFOs, not all, so … maybe they are leaving during a once in a millennium celestial event or something? Interesting coincidence..if true, wondering if the event might raise cosmic vibrations on the planet…

  31. Lizard Detector says:

    Many but not all of the leaders of major world governments are lizards. I have made a list here exposing some of them. I do not think Putin is a lizard but he has made an alliance against the lizards.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think you are on the right track with your investigation. I have also been doing research on the same topic and have come up with almost the same results. The one person that I have researched alot is Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper. I believe you are right by saying he is not a shapeshifter but during my investigation I have found alot of evidence that suggests he is most likely a human/alien hybrid. During some of his public appearances especially in direct sunlight you can zoom in close and see his reptile like eyes changing back and forth. Anyway I would just like to say keep up the good work and don’t give up. We will eventually find the evidence we need to prove our theories!

      • Anonymous says:

        Did anyone else see that Jesse Ventura conspiracy episode about the Reptilion Agenda? I can’t belive how ignorant and close minded that Ventura is. It’s like he’s scared to believe the truth.

  32. John Cox says:

    The only people who believe that reptilian shapeshifters are real are either extremely naïve, or insane.

  33. Anonymous says:

    many people are possessed by reptilian entities, it seems to happen to people around 40- yrs of age if not before. it doesnt mean they shaped shift but it means that often the reptilian will take over the real personality and then other entities will block the chakras so there is no light left.. most people are already taken as they dont know how to use energy to stop this.. its sad to witness.. as soon as you look for an entity in a person they present themselves.

  34. aamongus365 says:

    People – for those unbelievers : Why don’t you use your IPhone camera, a camera, a spy camera , whatever you’ve got and take movie videos of people in real life, on t.v. etc -especially shopping channels, medical field, security, and you are bound to get interesting proof. People always don’t believe but will do nothing to proof us believers wrong. I didn’t believe at first but decided to prove what I was seeing on the internet and in real life as false information , Boy was I wrong!!!!! They are among us and they will do Anything , Anything to cover themselves, even the so called shapeshifters who act religious. I am a so called religious human who is doing a lot of rethinking now . I work with them and my imagination is not making up the pictures I have.

  35. Anonymous says:

    once when i was in Boston for the 4th of july fireworks, (from Vermont), i ate mushoroms and through my heightened perception i was able to see somewhat into past lives (and or parallel dimensions). i was being introduced to some fat ,drunk people .one lady in particular. she liked me ( maybe hungry) and clearly saw a flash that this was going on long since the time of the dinosaurs. . as if i suddenly saw through the physical appearance and saw the deeper reptilian nature within. hard to describe . this was long long before i had ever heard about reptilian theory. i was so struck by that perception that it stayed with me till today. and now i wonder if maybe they were real shapeshifters . it was if i saw them as dinosaurs, or saw there past lives as dinosaurs. very strange. having tripped many times im confident that this was more than a hallucination. it was some flash with real truth to it. any way , interesting stuff.

  36. 情趣片 says:

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