Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity EMF ES

EMF Sensitivity

Claims of electromagnetic harassment by RF waves are often rediculed as tin-foil hat conspiracy. But “Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS)” is a recognized term for a group of symptoms that could be caused by exposure to electromagnetic fields.

The EHS symptoms most often reported include headache, fatigue, tinnitus, dizziness, memory deficits, irregular heart beat, stress, sleep disturbances, skin symptoms like prickling, burning sensations and rashes, pain and ache in muscles and other problems.

EHS is a subject of intense debate, because sufferers are reporting these symptoms at electromagnetic field intensities that should fall well below the limits permitted by international radiation safety standards.

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity has been estimated as being up to 5% of the population depending on location and definition.

EHS can be caused by electric fields, magnetic fields and various frequencies of electromagnetic waves, including lighting. But cell phone and WiFi are the most often cited causes.

A number of clinical trials tested treament options for ES and have concluded that “the best evidence currently available suggests that cognitive behavioural therapy is effective for patients who report being hypersensitive to weak electromagnetic fields”.

It seems logical to assume that if cell phones can cause cancer that they can also cause electromagnetic hypersensitivity, but officially the jury is still out.

Conspiracy theorists have went on record to say that specifically designed GWEN and cell towers are being used by clandestine agencies to harass and neutralize dissident targets by intentionally inducing EHS symptoms in them. (See the Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory story on this site).

The Freiburger Appeal 

In 2002 a group of over 70 German doctors petitioned against the “devastating health consequences” of exposure to electromagnetic radiation. They also warned that the new cordless DECT phones were especially aggressive and were like having a cell phone tower inside your home.

In part the appeal reads:

“Out of great concern for the health of our fellow human beings do we – as established physicians of all fields, especially that of environmental medicine – turn to the medical establishment and those in public health and political domains, as well as to the public.

We have observed, in recent years, a dramatic rise in severe and chronic diseases among our patients, especially:

  • Learning, concentration, and behavioural disorders (e.g. attention deficit disorder, ADD)
  • Extreme fluctuations in blood pressure, ever harder to influence with medications
  • Heart rhythm disorders
  • Heart attacks and strokes among an increasingly younger population
  • Brain-degenerative diseases (e.g. Alzheimer’s) and epilepsy
  • Cancerous afflictions: leukemia, brain tumors

Moreover, we have observed an ever-increasing occurrence of various disorders, often misdiagnosed in patients as psychosomatic:

  • Headaches, migraines
  • Chronic exhaustion
  • Inner agitation
  • Sleeplessness, daytime sleepiness
  • Tinnitus
  • Susceptibility to infection
  • Nervous and connective tissue pains, for which the usual causes do not explain even the most conspicuous symptoms.

Since the living environment and lifestyles of our patients are familiar to us, we can see, especially after carefully-directed inquiry, a clear temporal and spatial correlation between the appearance of disease and exposure to pulsed high -frequency microwave radiation (HFMR), such as:

  • Installation of a mobile telephone sending station in the near vicinity
  • Intensive mobile telephone use
  • Installation of a digital cordless (DECT) telephone at home or in the neighbourhood

We can no longer believe this to be purely coincidence, for:

Too often do we observe a marked concentration of particular illnesses in correspondingly HFMR-polluted areas or apartments;
Too often does a long-term disease or affliction improve or disappear in a relatively short time after reduction or elimination of HFMR pollution in the patient’s environment;
Too often are our observations confirmed by on-site measurements of HFMR of unusual intensity.
On the basis of our daily experiences, we hold the current mobile communications technology (introduced in 1992 and since then globally extensive) and cordless digital telephones (DECT standard) to be among the fundamental triggers for this fatal development.
One can no longer evade these pulsed microwaves. They heighten the risk of already-present chemical/physical influences, stress the body’s immune system, and can bring the body’s still-functioning regulatory mechanisms to a halt. Pregnant women, children, adolescents, elderly and sick people are especially at risk.
Our therapeutic efforts to restore health are becoming increasingly less effective: the unimpeded and continuous penetration of radiation into living and working areas , particularly bedrooms, an essential place for relaxation, regeneration and healing, causes uninterrupted stress and prevents the patient’s thorough recovery.

In the face of this disquieting development, we feel obliged to inform the public of our observations, especially since hearing that the German courts regard any danger from mobile telephone radiation as “purely hypothetical” (see the decisions of the constitutional court in Karlsruhe and the administrative court in Mannheim, Spring 2002).

What we experience in the daily reality of our medical practice is anything but hypothetical! We see the rising number of chronically sick patients also as the result of an irresponsible “safety limits policy”, which fails to take the protection of the public from the short- and long-term effects of mobile telephone radiation as its criterium for action. Instead, it submits to the dictates of a technology already long recognized as dangerous. For us, this is the beginning of a very serious development through which the health of many people is being threatened.

We will no longer be made to wait upon further unreal research results – which in our experience are often influenced by the communications industry, while evidential studies go on being ignored. We find it to be of urgent necessity that we act now!

Above all, we are, as doctors, the advocates for our patients. In the interest of all those concerned, whose basic right to life and freedom from bodily harm is currently being put at stake, we appeal to those in the spheres of politics and public health. Please support the following demands with your influence:

New health-friendly communications techniques, given independent risk assessments before their introduction
and, as immediate measures and transitional steps:
Stricter safety limits and major reduction of sender output and HFMR pollution on a justifiable scale, especially in areas of sleep and convalescence
A say on the part of local citizens and communities regarding the placing of antennae (which in a democracy should be taken for granted)
Education of the public, especially of mobile telephone users, regarding the health risks of electromagnetic fields
Ban on mobile telephone use by small children, and restrictions on use by adolescents
Ban on mobile telephone use and digital cordless (DECT) telephones in preschools, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, events halls, public buildings and vehicles (as with the ban on smoking)
Mobile telephone and HFMR-free zones (as with auto-free areas)
Revision of DECT standards for cordless telephones with the goal of reducing radiation intensity and limiting actual use time, as well as avoiding the biologically critical HFMR pulsation.
Industry-independent research, finally with the inclusion of amply available critical research results and our medical observations.”

…the above FREIBURGER APPEAL was signed by over 70 German doctors.

More Information

The following link is a GWEN tower health effects study published in 1993:

Committee on Assessment of the Possible Health Effects of Ground Wave Emergency Network

The following videos feature experts in the study of cell phone EMF Exposure and explain some of the issues surrounding EMF Electrical Sensitivity in greater detail.

Proven Harmful Effects of EMF Exposure
UW Scientist Henry Lai says the dangers of EMF Exposure are fact, not fiction.

Dr. George Carlo EMF Cell Phone Dangers Interview
Dr. George Carlo has examined this issue in cell phones extensively since the 90s.

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The brain initiative is the great deception. The EMF biochip causes cancer, PTSD, birth defects and diseases. Joint Non-lethal …(1)



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3 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    unplugged my DECT cordless radiation device after reading this. guess what? I started to feel better. going back to old fashioned corded phones.

    • Anonymous says:

      i’m back. ran more experiments. reactivated DECT base station inside home and within hours felt effects. when phone rang I could actually feel the radiation hitting me as it rang. they’re not telling the public the truth about the radiation effects from these cell devices. they’re promoting ‘head in the sand’ syndrome. i don’t doubt for a minute that cell tower radiation is causing the collapse of bee colonies big time.

  2. Hieda says:

    The brain initiative is the great deception. The EMF biochip causes cancer, PTSD, birth defects and diseases. Joint Non-lethal weapons directorate are partnering with Virginia State Police and local police implanting people with biochips and torturing them with the active denial system. Read “A Note on Uberveillance” by M. G. and Katina Michael. It enables Uberveillance. “In its ultimate form, überveillance has to do with more than automatic identification technologies that we carry with us. It has to do with under-the-skin technology that is embedded in the body, such as microchip implants; it is that which cuts into the flesh – a charagma (mark). Think of it as Big Brother on the inside looking out.” Newport News Police and Virginia State Police had a doctor implant me w/o my knowledge and consent with a biochip. A U. S. Attorney for the NSA/DOJ pretended to be my attorney. It enables torture and thought monitoring. They use it as a sensor and pulse energy projectiles at you. I had a heart attack. It enables voice to skull communication. See LRAD white papers or audio spotlight by Holosonics. This is the “crisis stabilization” rico uncovered by the Rutherford Institute’s Brandon Raub case. Law enforcement believes we will only be safe if they know where we are at all times, what we are doing and what we are thinking! See Safeguards in a World of Ambient Intelligence by Springer page 9. See Mental Health and Terrorism by Amin Gadit. He states, “Of late, there are reports of a new and dreadful invention of weapons of violence that are called Bio-electromagnetic Weapons. According to the description by an Institute of Science in Society, these weapons operate at the speed of light, can kill, torture and enslave without making physical appearance. It further adds that voices and visions, daydreams and nightmares are the most astonishing manifestations of this weapon system, it is also capable of crippling the human subject by limiting his/her normal range of movement, causing acute pain the equivalent of major organ failure or even death and interferes with normal functions of human senses. It can cause difficulty with breathing and induce seizures besides damage to the tissues and organs. Through this form of terrorism, it is possible to persuade subjects that their mind is being read; their intellectual property is being plundered and can even motivate suicide or murder. Pulsed Energy projectiles (PEPs) are another form of weaponry that is used to paralyze a victim with pain. According to Peter Philips, a scientist from USA, circumstances may soon arrive in which anti-war or human right protestors suddenly feel a burning sensation akin to touching a hot skillet over their entire body. Simultaneously they may hear terrifying nauseating screaming, which while not produced externally, fills their brains with overwhelming disruption. This new invention is dreadful addition to the armamentarium of weapons of abuse and torture. Manifestations of the effects of these occult weapons can mimic mental ill health and add further to the misery of the victims.” See Bio Initiative Report 2014. See Forbes and search Brandon Raub. Law enforcement tases citizens into “excited delirium” (see at nij org) to make them act in ways they normally would not. I believe they are directly responsible for the Virginia Tech massacre. There are 3 reasons to have it implanted 1) mental health, 2) criminal record, and 3) infectious disease. If you don’t meet any of those requirements like me, they’ll falsify your records. All the mass shootings are the work of law enforcement. They want to take away your right to bear arms and make America a police state. People aren’t suddenly going crazy, they’re being tortured. I also believe the biochip to be responsible for PTSD. Read Brian Castner’s book “A Long Walk”. I have the same ambiguous pains, twitches, heart attack, night mares, day mares, gurgling, etc. I never served in the war. What do we have in common? The biochip. Suicide is one way to get relief. Virginia’s suicide rate is higher than the national average and the military suicide rate is unacceptable! You can check your upper right buttock, upper right shoulder. They are just under the skin. I have been in excruciating pain for six years due to corruption in Virginia.

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