Mass Secret Torture Of American Citizens Confirmed By CIA Engineer

Dr. Robert Duncan

Dr. Robert Duncan
“Voice of God” Creator

A CIA Engineer has revealed the ongoing mass secret torture of American Citizens by antenna technology. And he says there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

This information was revealed on national TV, only days before the Mayan doomsday date of December 21, 2012.

A nervous Dr. Robert Duncan revealed to Jesse Ventura that “the government is doing this” with “voice of God (VOG) weapons” that he helped develop. Duncan stated that the antenna weapon abuse is “absolutely” happening to American citizens today, who are being “worse than abused, they are being tortured”. Duncan has degrees from Harvard and MIT, and worked for the government and CIA immediately upon graduation. He says he no longer works on the VOG antenna program, although he was one of the chief engineers during it’s inception.

Duncan said that the GWEN tower emergency system could easily be transformed and used to broadcast the signals to cause the painful effects that thousands of TI’s have reported. Duncan said the reason for the antenna weapon attacks on targeted citizens is “world domination, control the populace, from subconsciously to consciously”. Ventura replied “now we have a motive, controlling the world, controlling dissenters, controlling you and me”.

mark phillips cia

Mark Phillips – CIA Operative

Duncan also stated that a plethora of secret government mind control programs are ongoing and active today. Mark Phillips, an ex-CIA operative, reinforced and validated Duncan’s information presented on the show.

Duncan said that the operations are being carried out by shadow elements within the government who “are not necessarily our president or our elected officials”. “These are people who can’t be removed, and they’re difficult to find. They hide in the dark crevices”. Duncan said he doesn’t believe that there is any way to stop the VOG system, and when asked by Ventura if he was afraid of retribution that could come from revealing this information, Duncan replied that he didn’t fear death.

Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory” team presented a United States map that showed a direct correlation between the locations of GWEN towers and populated areas where TIs have reported symptoms that could be attributed to the VOG weapon.

Governor Jesse Ventura
“Conspiracy Theory” TV Host

Journalist Vic Livingston

Journalist Vic Livingston

While Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory” program alluded that only GWEN towers were transmitting the signals, others, such as journalist Vic Livingston, have said that the VOG weapon system has already been secretly deployed on some ordinary looking cell towers nationwide. The cell towers containing the VOG weapon have Delta-T antenna formations located at the peak of the towers. Livingston says “a “cell tower” can house consumer cellphone antennae OR the weapon system” or “conceivably BOTH”.

Ventura stated that “targeted individuals” with symptoms caused by the VOG weapons are “not crazy, remember that”. Ventura ended the show saying the the VOG conspiracy is real, “I knew it had to be true”, “we heard it from the source”, “I don’t buy that it can’t be stopped”, “we’ve shined a light on these rats”.

The VOG weapon system is apparently capable of broadcasting a wide range of painful effects; burning and prickly sensations, dizziness, nausea, pain, mood alteration, buzzing, vibration, sleepiness, unconsciousness, hearing noises such as tones or tinnitus, and causing the victim to hear human voices. In addition, it has been reported that the VOG weapon is fully capable of synthetic telepathy, or thought transmission. Some victims experience only some, while others experience all of the effects.

Duncan says the technology has been perfected. In the past, people with these symptoms have been diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic, but now the Voice Of God (VOG) technology is able to mimic the full or partial effects of schizophrenia, as well as pain, in it’s targeted victims. Torture.


Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory- S03E07 Brain Invaders
Top Comments for this post:
"If the government wants to play God by torturing it’s citizens with a “Voice of God” weapon, then I’m an …(8)
If the government wants to play God by torturing it's citizens with a "Voice of God" weapon, then I'm an …(7)
A re-reading of your summary of the effects of this electromagnetic weapon compels further comment. You quote me as …(4)
He calls it the "Voice of God" system. That alone should give you a clue. (3)
Guns Don't kill people, Gwen towers kill people. (3)



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78 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    If the government wants to play God by torturing it’s citizens with a “Voice of God” weapon, then I’m an atheist.

    • JohnHenry says:

      “If the government wants to play God by torturing it’s citizens with a “Voice of God” weapon, then I’m an atheist.” I hear that, my man. If this is true, then how could we ever pray again? If it’s not the antichrist, it’s a pretty good fill-in …

      America is a write-off at this point, being run by psychopaths, powered by the drones of chemically induced idiocy, and commanded by the technology of a cell phone coordinated citizen police force. It’s a TOTAL CONTROL society, surveilled beyond Orwell, castrated beyond Huxley, and terrorized beyond Wells. Now it fully engages euthanasia, and the tracking and slow killing of citizens, all done outside of a rule of law abandoned, and a constitution ignored. Genocide is now common day work, done via maximum compliance with the rule of kangaroo fascist fiat, in the clever ways of the medical-mafia. The elections are a complete sham … a farcical facade … a curtain from the land of Oz … We are raped in our homes by community goons with high tech sleep guns, while the fascist, corporatized farm and food industry intentionally poisions our food in massive, coordinated collusions.

      Our top spots in all endeavors have been usurped by psychopaths. Even the highest reaches of acedemia have been placed under fascist control, and now those offices are the dungeons of souless evils who openly endorse population control by means of mass murder, intentionally released microbes, agents in public water supplies, and other pathogenic means to death and destruction … see

      • Matt Stenson says:

        I want to know how you get out of this because the cell phone towers are real and the turn off our air raid horns.My cries are heard by an outside state that’s why I have Schizophrenia but others have problem as well I have no life because of this and I don’t want to die or lose my family and these other people feel the same we need your help please .I figured this out

    • Anonymous says:

      They did this to me they have hooked everybody up to a different state that’s schitzo is called because your cry out is heard in a different state why are you hurting us most of us have problems why give us more

    • Donna Shaneyfelt Johnson says:

      This has been going on for two years or more. I need your help. Rock bottom. Happened at night time. No one believes me. Lies have been told. License stolen. Money stolen. Child molestation remarks of my children. Hope isn’t true. Law enforcement will not help.Donna Shaneyfelt Johnson

    • Beingfreeked says:


  2. A clarification: Your statement that I have “categorically” stated that the weapon system is piggybacked on consumer cell towers is not correct. I have never categorically stated that in my articles. My main article states that the deployment of the weapon system is responsible for the profusion of cell towers so close together. A “cell tower” can house consumer cellphone antennae OR the weapon system. Since it has been three years since I exposed the deployment and heinous use of this weapon system to torture American citizens, I would think that the cellphone industry would prefer that the government keep its torture technology proprietary to its own cellular torture towers.

  3. A re-reading of your summary of the effects of this electromagnetic weapon compels further comment. You quote me as “VOG-tortured journalist Vic Livingston.” This weapon system is capable of inflicting serious, even lethal injury or the infliction of serious maladies such as stroke, heart attack, aneurysm, up to and including fast- or slow-kill death. It is capable of vaporizing human tissue. It is a potentially LETHAL weapon. I do NOT “hear voices,” although the weapon system is capable of bypassing the outside auditory organs to transmit sounds and even speech. Your summary, like the Jesse Ventura show, leads readers to believe that the effects of this weapon system are much less benign than they are. Please remove the reference to “VOG-tortured journalist Vic Livingston” because it conveys an erroneous impression. I did grant permission for you to reproduce, verbatim, the top few paragraphs of my work, so long as you then published a link to “the rest of the story” on my site. I do ask that you do not misconstrue my work or paint me as someone who “hears voices.” Thank you. P.S. — my computer has Javascript, yet your site insists that it does not when I initially tried to post. Curious.

    • WebMaster says:

      You say that VOG antenna weapon is potentially LETHAL. What if an operator forgets to engage the “safety” during VOG use on one of these TI’s? I’m wondering if that has ever happened and is cloaked in secrecy?

      The reference to “VOG-tortured journalist Vic Livingston” was removed from the article.

      Thank you for permission to reproduce the top few paragraphs of your articless with links to the full story.

      The Javascript message you saw was reworded, you probably forgot to check the “not spam” checkbox when you saw it.

  4. “Safety”? This weapon system, which can be precision-tuned to a broad range frequencies and amplitudes, can and is being used to slow- and -fast kill targets, not just cause them discomfort, ear-buzzing, or to “hear voices.” The latest disinformation psyop is so transparent as to lead me to believe that conscientious elements within the intel “community” are purposely putting out lame, incredulous disinformation as a means to expose this torture matrix — denying this “tool” to sinister elements who are using it to conduct a covert genocide.

    • WebMaster says:

      The show was obviously incredulous. As much as I’d like to play up the disinformation slant for sheer controversy, it was even more incredulous that the show was permitted to air, even with the limited amount of information it provided.

      There had to be censorship issues involved in the show. For instance, absolutely no mention was made of the related key issue of gang stalking on the show.

      I think you are right, the VOG antenna weapon system is also “absolutely” being used to slow and fast kill targets, which is something Dr. Duncan omitted from his public statements on the show. Lives and careers are being disrupted and destroyed by it. Torture is being conducted with it. And I agree with you that the VOG weapon is also being used as part of an ongoing covert genocide.

      But all things considered, I think the show brings TI’s and the public, myself included, one step closer to the truth about this issue. Because of that, I think we can let some of the disinformation slant slide. For now.

  5. He calls it the “Voice of God” system. That alone should give you a clue.

  6. Anonymous says:

    “They” also use subliminal mind-altering technology carried on standard radio frequency broadcasts. This is what they used in Kuwait during Operation Desert Storm and its used domestically. Complete mind control everywhere you look.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Guns Don’t kill people, Gwen towers kill people.

  8. JohnHenry says:

    Pull a pendulum disk far from its plumb, to a point where the rod becomes a horizontal member. Now let it go, and watch it swing the other way, as far right as it was left, less the rotational and frictional losses.

    So too, is the intuition in the thought – that the most free nation on earth should become the least free. To taking control of a nation already put to the dirt, squirming beneath a boot of oppression, is no mean task. There are restrictions on movent, and a constant, overiding, dangerous level of surveillance. A free, open country falls much more readily, if its citizens are not keen on the watch. By this is not meant the watch of the surveillers, and the truncheon carriers. No! The watch unkept, in a free nation swept under the boot, is not of the independent citizens who are minding their own business! The watch unkept – the vigil missed – the downfall imminent – is of the government, and its associated and powerful assigns, foreign and domestic.

    • Anonymous says:

      You should add that over half of the country has been convinced to walk around with truncheons (cell/tracking system gear) and do their part to destroy the last vestigal remnants of liberty. The country’s free spirit is a dead horse that has already been slain, but they pile on anyway! They are NOT keeping watch over the government and its telco “assigns.” Instead, they are TOOLS of the government.

    • Stan Gension says:

      I may have this problem but I still love my country.I stand tall and proud never would I ever turn my back on the United States .I want people to know I won’t forget what happened but need my life back.

  9. JohnHenry says:

    Anytime I put a message on a website’s article comment section, it lies down and dies. I guess they’re all fearful that they’ll be arrested by mere association. I’m sorry that I’ve killed yet another website … sincerest apologies …

  10. Sonny says:

    These are not Voice of God weapons, these are Voice of Satan weapons.

    • Night says:

      Exactly. Satan as the god of this world. Well seeing that even Jesus is written to have said that the rocks make sounds, then science would mimic that natural phenomenon of sound waves in everything and turn it into a manipulative technology, put it in an antenna, and basically magic wand the population with enchantments. I gather the VOg antennas pipe out subliminal commands to persuade people to do basic things, like conserve water in a drought. Oh it gets weird when you think the VOg wants you to vote for Mr. Candidate though, or something similar. I think it is frequency pollution and ought to be banned in favor of non-manufactured frequencies.

  11. Anonymous says:

    They used to hit my bedroom windows and walls with electrical pinging sounds while I was trying to go to sleep. Then my entire body would fill with a electrical sensation and this would keep me from falling to sleep.
    That’s how they do sleep deprivation.

  12. MAYOR DALEY says:



  13. RAY EMANUEL says:

    This is how we framing blacks and hispanics, kill them(no death penalty needed), we use these weopons to get out of police misconduct lawsuits to.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Welcome aboard. welcome aboard the Titanic.

  15. JOHN BURGE says:


  16. Tracy Steen says:

    First, I am asking Nowfact to attempt to reach Dr. Duncan for me. As a current target I am blocked from performing any electronic device transactions ‘they’ want to block me from. The word to him would be that I beleive I have a case of interest to him, with the evidence to back it up. These people do not stop and start at the CIA. My targeting came directly from an executed “diminish and dissolve” her contract from Bank of America, from which it immediately went to street and hit contract targeting for discrediting purposes regarding multi-million dollar estate fraud, defrauding, identity theft; and, to protect that bank from a claim against its bonded attorney. The bond was $10 million for his proper performance, which he did not execute. Whistleblowing on a fed reserve bank to the IRS gets you a CIA/DARPA/DOD all out mind control weapons assault in addition to on the ground targeting. The costs of effects included loss of life, virtual 24/7 sureillane and mind-mapping and torture for more than 9 years, and a 2.5 period of torture and war crimes committed in my own condo, surrounde by feds protecting its occurance, while the condo robbed it out from under me. I fought, in fact to not only retain my rights but inform the government of 2008 and how the step-in of what Dr. Duncan calls the dark side was doing it.

    The execudus of how a dissolve and diminish contract is carried forth in my case, runs from pre-criminalizing a person with records affecting exactly as Mr. Snowden tried to inform the public, Mason groups, to condo associations, two sects of maia, to multiple banks where accounts were held mutually targeting–all methods violating Clayton Act, RICO and rackatering, business targeting, the enforcement and backing of a federal law agency to partake in the legal assissination and render no aid in repeated imminent death situations, and recently, it has been upstepped to local targeting, burning from radiaion my hands, and as always, blocking and preventing defense or settlement options. Instead targets in the ‘program’ they will not shut off get upstepped to more severe strategies.

    The issues have never been resolved, and the fed stance from the Commander and Chief, is some ‘rule of law’ vague statement, which must tie in to the secret courts I know nothing about and where apparently I have been cased through, compliments of the originating defaced, defrauding, power of attorney given to sell one car, but used as an assissinate permission slip to above parties.

    The real modus operandi of such NWO is to at all costs keep a woman from ever inheriting what is given them. To keep all woman subjugated and owned by a man. This is New World Owner and operators intended plan. The federal reserve is indeed knee deep in harvesting all land and assets from u.s. citizens to pay off its individual debts to China, not our countries debts, but because our country is in debt to the federal reserve cartel, they are squeezing citizens using trumped up ‘rule of law’ false flagged into existence so land and constitutional rights, as well as human rights can dissapear in the same fashion as these weapons are unleashed…as invisibly as possible, and kill anyone that talks or tries to bring their story forward for resolve. In these way they are 1) circumventing all law 2) paying off their debts to other country’s by sacrificing individual american’s land instead of reaching into their coffers and paying off their bond debt to China 3) instigating other wars to further break our governments and citizens backs and indebt us all more 4)silently marching new world order in the door, silmoutaneous to false flagging us with military might enough to issue Marshall law if the majority of American’s learned the truth and 6) depopulate by no touch killing as many as possible, those who would report it, those who see it, those being targeted for trying to warn others about it. 7) Re-issue their originating protocols and belief’s which is the utter domenion and loss of rights of woman. I might add they allowed woman’s rights, simply to find a way to tax 1/2 of the population they were missing and to get ahold of children at a younger age to endoctrinate educationally and hitler like. Please try to reach Dr. Duncan for me. I ned the immunity from prosecution he notes being ableto help with.

    • NowFact NowFact says:

      Tracy, I don’t personally know Dr. Robert Duncan and couldn’t find his contact information while doing a quick search on Google. It was disturbing to find one unverified article about Dr. Duncan that declared he was being “scrubbed” from the internet by the “powers that be”, in retaliation for divulging the kind of information in this story.

      You may want to try contacting Duncan via Jesse Ventura. Ventura interviewed Duncan for the “Conspiracy Theory Brain Invaders” episode reported on in this story. Ventura’s facebook page is:

  17. langoliers langoliers says:

    LMAO ‘billig wow gold kaufen’ hehe thnx for the laugh.

  18. langoliers langoliers says:

    FIELD OF VISION. they always force me to watch them. I just SO WISH IT WOULD STOP.

  19. langoliers langoliers says:

    is WordPress American?

  20. langoliers langoliers says:

    Okay, I’ve been blocked AGAIN. I am calling it quits.

  21. JB smith says:

    Read “A Note on Uberveillance” by M. D. Michael. Newport News Police and Virginia State Police had Dr. Lawrence Chang implant me w/o my knowledge and consent with a biochip. It enables torture. They use it as a sensor and pulse energy projectiles at you. I had a heart attack. It enables voice to skull communication. See LRAD white papers or audio spotlight by Holosonics. See Safeguards in a World of Ambient Intelligence by Springer page 9. See Mental Health and Terrorism by Amin Gadit. See Bio Initiative Report 2012. See Forbescom and search Brandon Raub. Law enforcement tases citizens into “excited delirium” (see at nijorg) to make them act in ways they normally would not. I believe they are directly responsible for the Virginia Tech massacre. There are 3 reasons to have it implanted 1) mental health, 2) criminal record, and 3) infectious disease. If you don’t meet any of those requirements like me, they’ll falsify your records. All the mass shootings are the work of law enforcement. They want to take away your right to bear arms and make America a police state. They torture people into a state of what the national institute of justice calls “excited delirium.” People aren’t suddenly going crazy, they’re being tortured. I also believe the biochip to be responsible for PTSD. Read Brian Castner’s book “A Long Walk”. I have the same ambiguous pains, twitches, heart attack, night mares, day mares, gurgling, etc. I never served in the war. What do we have in common? The biochip. Suicide is one way to get relief. Virginia’s suicide rate is higher than the national average and the military suicide rate is unacceptable!

  22. Beingfreeked(isolated$loner) says:

    Tall ty’s to cITIes in PHunny plACES!!80 or 87 pebo ET least.
    sMALL TOWN MENtall iTi es..uni,eni,kdi,cni,csi,,,etc,etc


  23. jimmy says:

    National news KKK chicago cops, 100 million dollar JOHN BURGE on crack the city has to fix white trashes fuck ups again

  24. sharon says:


  25. Mike says:

    Read how this torture weapon works on and share this link with your friends !

  26. Adalberto Cervantes says:

    Take this righ away If you have a google account (gmail), disactivate it, may be it is connected with your TI device. My daughter is attacked with electromagnetic pre-programed acupucture devices made in China and used by the Nazi indian NSA-CIA starting in a foster house in San Antonio, Texas Texas Gang Stalker style
    It takes time but I have it.
    I have this stuff in my body
    How to protect yourself against implanted devices for IT connectivity? You have to know like other chip or electronic device, they are not working properly if you use magnetism, water or other solutions like cream, or electricity, this external factor among others the materials use to have like cold, hot, so weather conditions like atmospheric pression , definitely will impact the well function of the devices implanted in a body.
    Buy massage electronic devices, magnetos, use the power connector of the computer, mobile phone with water, they will work among others. Certain part of your body will be hot because of the attack, use the magnetos, they will be warm also. Use a hat with magnetic structure; they use the magnetic material where they are selling material
    Body knows that you have something that it is not part of your body, you will feel like an insect bite without a trace, but suddenly the touch of your hand and a pump will find something, here they are, use a needled disinfected try to extract them. You have to do it because in spite it can protect someone also it can produce sicknesses, heart attacks, trucks, a lot of pain, swelling of the legs , headaches, difficulty to pup, among others.
    You have to do it yourself, because if someone attacks, they have the mechanism even to get in the hospital you are, to have you harmed, so do not do anything risky, especially if you alone, ask someone be with you all the time, do not ask for ambulance, go you self to the ER. In the first place, you were sedated, and a Chinese inserted the methodic device like acupuncture technique, of course there is another way to send you to a mental hospital, thinking that nobody believes you. Do not be panic, if you know to drive, have money, and start traveling long distances.
    They need at least two days to make it work the implanted devices in your body, the first one is to implant them in your body, the second one is calibrate the devices in your body, it can identify your sicknesses in all over your body, everything.
    Be out of the spectrum of the internet signals, they are using against you, identify if only they are using blackberries, mobile phones, personal computers near your job, or everywhere you go, including your house. It is that the case, it is good because it means that first they have to find you, it is easy for them because you might have chips in both ear, do not be panic. The harmful way of attacking you, it is using a satellite, they have a lot of power and connectivity everywhere, they can see you in third dimension like to have a doctor near you but it is really a butcher.
    Try to find more about the devices and how to destroy them, they are like nails, it seems they can see through your body in detail, they are like little transparent plastic material, and they are others like a hair, but they can be burn, do it.
    Do not allow surgeries over you in Sparrow Hospital using Androit and Google technology, they will know where are you all the time, and they will attack your central system with a complex microsurgery, starting in your ear to your brain. The implanted devices might have connectivity even with sophisticated equipment use at the Hospital.
    The heart is the most critical one, small amount of electricity can kill you, Cable is needed around the neck, to the shoulder, left hand, level of the heart, water will be help to reduce more intensity. It seems that a device with own energy is in the back near the neck I do not think it is good advice to try to extract a RFID device. It is smaller than a grain of rice. I did take a syringe and some hydrogen peroxide, to one area. This was not successful. You would need a scalpel, and some suture material. There is always the possibility of infection. The easiest ones to remove are in teeth, that can be extracted by a dentist, and taken to a lab. The corresponding number or ID on the device, will tell you the agency, responsible for the targeting. There is quite a bit of expense for this and the implant to replace the missing tooth.

  27. nadia says:

    You said: “These are people who can’t be removed, and they’re difficult to find. They hide in the dark crevices”…But I think that there are some perps who regret their evil actions against population and if there a lot or in sufficient number they can ( or they must) denounce such evil acts, at least, to some high graded CIA agents ( the director or other one) because those acts are unconstitutional .. I think they must get a discussion with USA government before trying other country… like Snowden… to avoid being accused by enemy of state.

  28. nadia says:

    Please , Is there any one who can tell me exactly any micro-chip detector I can buy to detect my implants. My implants are very old.

    • NowFact NowFact says:

      Dr. John Hall has used the JM-20 PRO RF Detector to find implants in victims. A detector with similar specs may also work, but some of the detectors on the market do not detect all types of implants.

  29. Len says:

    Okay, know we know.
    So what can we do? There are ways if stopping microwaves correct? Look at your kitchen microwave. There must be a way to divert or stop the microwaves. Lead lined walls?

  30. Dina Hamby says:

    I have been a targeted individual since 2009 and every since 2012 I have been wearing sonic ear plugs 24 hours a day and a protective copper mesh hat. My symptoms that I have been having since 2009 are as follows: My oxygen levels have been cut almost all the way on and off through the past 5 years, I had my heartbeat raced up well over a 100 beats per minute with no prior heart problems and a normal angiogram of the heart in the past. I have felt severe bone pain throughout every single bone in my body the doctor even says this is not normal with the earliest environmental pre-leukemia that I have. I have had severe headaches on and off. I have felt dizzy on and off. I have thrown up on and off. I have felt a high amount of electricity going through my body. I have heard loud voices going through my ear drums while no one was in my apt and this has also kept me awake so that I don’t get sleep for days. I have heard these loud voices that go through my ears say that they are going to play skin the cow and all of a sudden I felt severe pain in in my leg like someone was taking a knife and cutting my skin. I have felt the pain of cruxifiction on my body with no blood on the outside. I have felt the pain of heart surgery with no blood on the outside of my body. I have voices come out of my own mouth when I am not talking I have had even a male voice come out of me when I have not been talking and it seems as the voice is being forced to come out of my mouth when I am not talking. I also have had my passwords from my wireless netgear router and modem stolen from me when I have not given them to anyone in the past the reason why I know this is I looked at my netgear logins in the past and people from an outside ip address was logging into my wireless netgear router without my permission. I believe that I have been microchipped and that these people have been paid to kill me through the microchip and I also believe that these people not only use computors but cell phones also. I also believe that they use electronic guns on me made out of microwave ovens or some other electronic device.

  31. Anonymous says:

    I have been targeted for over 11 years. I have seen personally tons of horrible things. When I read these posts and comments I know that different people have different technology and techniques being used on them. To add to all of the information I can add a summary that applies to all people and not just TI’s:
    I have trased back where the technology comes from and who are using it and it all goes back to some in the US government using all of these different technologies in a mix with the goal to enslave and kill the general population. The military industrial complex plus some in the FBI and every federal and local police organization are used to force this on the people with no recourse for the Targeted individual because the police won’t help because they can’t. They are part of it in most cases and if not are promptly Programmed usually in the bed at night and never even know it. If you tell them about it they automatically deny it and think you are the problem because the implant programmed into him says just that. He may act normal otherwise but just on this subject will not listen or have anything to do with it. Mind control is the common denominator of all that they do! They even program their own people! TI’s wonder why their family, friends, and neighbors disappear from them or won’t listen and it is because these guts promply program ALL OF THEM!! They can easily go into a persons home while they sleep and program them silently with electronics direct to the brain with out saying anything out loud. In 10-15 minutes they are done and can come back anytime as he will be programmed to sleep through it. These implants are similar to hypnosis except can be done with wireless electronics. There after he will fall out of communication with the target and stay out leaving the target alone and more vulnerable. Whether they use kids they programmed or CIA/military agents/contractors makes little difference. It is all managed from higher up.
    The last point id that they have technology to do a lot more than you read about even if it is shocking. Those traitors and murderers at the top have to be taken out to get rid of this problem and keep it from accomplishing the goal to enslave all. This is in progress and will happen soon.

  32. Thunder says:

    Click the free planet at save the image to your wallpaper on your phone and you will have the protection against this problem.

  33. Andria says:

    Has anyone ever met a subject of MKULTRA mind control torture and programming? People who are being used for terminal research can be stalked every second of every day or night.

  34. Kelvin says:

    A neighbour coming from all mine endured a terrible habit of simply generating his house door unprejudiced all the
    actual time. Many help your company when fantastic alternative nascence
    control plan fails so as to prevent being. A solid engineer normally develops this software on-time.

  35. Maggie says:


  36. Jill says:

    Their weapons can help too. They aren’t all bad.

  37. Lee says:

    US Covert Darpa Defense Online Microed By The President Of The United States. Celebrities Sell US Freedom For 2 Million A Year. Obama Should US Citizens Know They Are US Darpa World Defense Microed from their computer?
    Democratic Millionaires and Billionaires paid 2 million or more a year to retina micro all USA citizens. Covert Darpa Agent Howard Raymond said CA. top City Gov. are paid off 1 or more million a year by President.

    There is a US World Darpa and a Covert US Darpa.

    Obama President Of DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is using US Gov. Darpa Adv. Alien Tech. micro mind expansion and programing. Electronic Voices in your mind CA. and US are Covert US Darpa Defense Adv. Alien Tech. online right retina eye micro programs with sound or without check out my posts on search ILL Darpa Wifi. Microed at Howard Raymond’s Palm Desert, CA., Howard said they micro US at almost all porn and some Gov. sites. UK citizens are microed I have proof of this microed 4 years by The President Of The United States Barack Obama Covert US. Darpa World Military Defense for Alien attacks and Civilian Surveillance?

    Porn Billionaire Howard Raymond stated he uses Jay Leno Cell Service Agency in Palm Springs, CA main micro program and cell tower distributor uses, Wild Blue or Exede and ATT (or any server) are microing USA and world invisibly US Covert World Darpa Adv. Alien Tech. online from computer micro eye program inserted into your right eye retina forms an invisible adv. alien tech. cam and cell phone connection they can view you at any angle, record, harass or wifi torture you. ATT cell wifi talk to you like a cell phone in your ear live 24 hrs. a day or silent. If you close your right eye they can’t see nor record you and if you wear a ear plug in the right ear they can’t record what you hear. Micro in right eye.

    Howard Raymond said Obama is offering me a million to stop posting Darpa micro eye program online implants and microwave torture on the USA. Tell the USA Citizens and World they are losing their Privacy Rights, Freedom Of Speech and are getting micro program electronic mind possession.

    Invisible Advanced Alien Micro Technology DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency).

    Land Of The Free! NWO Darpa New World Order. One Leader, One Government, One Religion. No not your choice.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Many people saying about suffering this. This can’t be a epidemic mental illness. This is happening. It’s real.

    This is the worst form of torture ever.

    They can control every function of your brain and your body. Everything.

    People doing this are humans, but they don’t act like humans.

    The only thing they do everyday is TORTURE.

  39. Anonymous says:

    We need to know more about about this technology and how it affects people.

  40. Donna Joy Plattner says:

    I am a human subject to” Covert Electronic Harassment and Surveillance and Gang Stalking ” My whole family is being attacked with Direct Energy Magnetic Electronic Weapons known as DEWS. We are American’s born in America and we are under a 24/7 surveillance by a Government General and Government Informants and a NSA Prism Program or the next program!

    Mz.Donna Joy Plattner
    4544 Nicholas St. Apt.4#
    PO Box-31414
    Omaha Nebraska,68132
    March23rd 2015 .

  41. langoliers langoliers says:

    Hi! Thnx for sharing and welcome. I wish you more hope and strength.

  42. Anonymous says:

    I am very good guys to usa and its speciail ops and special stuff – please close this sort of radio crap immediately NOW – the equipment is indicating 1200 Mhz 140 kz band.

  43. Collin Ott says:

    The sooner everyone realizes that this CIA torture is FAITH BASED the sooner we can get it stopped. I have been tortured for 7 years and because I know what religion is riding the beast, they are trying to kill me with poison, radiation, and killer laser beams, night and day. Go to CIA religion or CIA prophecy and see who they choose to hire.

  44. Marty Girl says:

    The reason this is being made public is because they really want you to believe it. Look at the movie Transformers….PEOPLE they are telling you they are torturing you and changing your “receptors” from your own devices! I have gotten rid of my TV and I have to tell you I can think a lot better and next is my cell phone. I really do not need it because I didn’t need one 25 years ago and neither do you. When we stop using this garbage they wont be able to control CRAP! Wake up people, they want you to think they have more power than they do. Nothing they do is unstoppable, nothing if people band together. :) And yes the cell towers are where they transmit from and they put other things on those towers. Knock down the towers and their done. This is so easy a child could do it. Also we have no satellites, we transmit from tower to tower. Think about it, why are so many more transformers being installed if everything is digital? Remember, fiber optics? :)

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